Birthday october 16 astrology

Today that help is focused on people who are born on October 16, in Libra Zodiac sign.

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Not true rebels, but still under the significant impact from the planet Venus, that is a symbol of justice, people who belong to the October 16 tend to support and criticise the social system in which they live in, they do not have any problem to speak about problematic issues in the world that they see as problematic. Sometimes they can leave the impression of ungrateful and selfish persons, but they still show a greater inclination to criticise their family, social group than others, but their intention is not harmful, on the contrary, they want to speak about negative things that need to change.

But even when they say something or something about a negative attitude they expose it in a very diplomatic way, they are not rude and aggressive in any way. They can publicly express their negative views, but they do it with great enthusiasm to make things better — this is the reason why their openness and painful directness can be forgiven. Someone could say that the lives of persons born on October 16 are based on judgments, but these persons have their system of beliefs, and they can make important decisions both professional and personal very fast, that is unlike characteristics for Libra Zodiac sign.

Born on October 16th Horoscope: Lucky Numbers, Days, Colors, Birthstones, Tarot Card..

On the contrary, these people are quite liberal and open to all kinds of new ideas and plans. Their judgment of things is a realistic estimate, that is, they can realistically see the value of someone or something. In connection with others, any interpersonal relations they are magnetic and charming, and no doubt fascinating to the opposite sex, they are true Libras, and all of them are known for their charm and lovable personality, and pronounced sexuality. They need to learn to foster more openness and directness toward people, and it is not enough to be attractive, they need to open their hearts indeed.

There is no doubt, they can love very deeply, but only when finding the partner, they are looking for all of their lives. But when it comes to them, their deep feelings and internal urges, a little bit of shyness and reclusiveness can be seen. The main advice these people should never be afraid — their heart will tell them when it happens the right thing in love, and it is not like they have a problem in choosing a lover, but being open is something completely different.

They can penetrate the situation and understand its essence; they can choose well for themselves, in the sense of a partner. But there is one thing that is even better in this way, they are not overly inclined to criticise others, and they are not guided by prejudice and do not require others to follow their morality. These Libras love children and feel the best when they are in their company in the sense that these people believe that you can feel the genuine love when in the company of kids.

We could say that these people born on October 16 are very poetic and very fond of books — often times these people are involved in writing, and many of them either become writers and journalists, or they write poetry as a hobby. The most important part of their existence, when we are speaking about their careers, is that these people must learn to value the talents they own adequately.

Because they know that the world appreciates a man who knows where his place in the world is; so they have to learn more about self-confidence. These people are not practical enough, they are too lazy, and this can come to the misunderstanding of those around them, and some can also benefit from it — they can be accused that they are slaking off and that they are not giving their best in their work, but in the sense of their self-observance these people born on October 16 feel like they are doing things in their own time. They need to learn to fight for their rights and to value themselves more, but this never excludes hard work that they need to provide if they want to succeed in their professional occupation.

Daily Astrology Horoscope: October 16 - 1 Year of Daily Horoscopes :)

Venus is the brightest planet in the sky and was named after the goddess of love and beauty. This makes you very preoccupied with your looks, you are always looking for a mirror to check on how you look, and you are interested in fashion and style. Your tastes are expensive and you love to be spoiled and appreciated. The main touchstone in your life is relationships and their flourishing. You love and appreciate people a lot.

People born in October are ruled by the sign of Libra, and therefore are always after obtaining balance from all points of view, either spiritual, emotional, financial etc. In search of balance, they like to have a stable home and prefer the company of competitive people interested in business. They are gentle people, and therefore a rough attitude from others hurts them deeply.

October Zodiac Sign

These people are endowed with excellent psychological aptitudes and therefore they do best in stock market, food industry, interior design, and any type of art. They should try focusing on their primary needs while using their famous intuition and stamina. The downfall of those born in October is the fact that they are incapable to challenge their lifestyle. They might turn to religion and become fanatics.

As for a Libra, they should always look for balance. However, people born in October are also great teachers and philosophers, and sometimes they will travel as far as possible to find the truth. The best advice for these people is to avoid drugs or any such substances at all costs. October is the month of Libra and Scorpio. If you are born in the first half of the month, you are governed by Libra, hence by Venus. Libra is charming, sociable, good diplomat, accepts compromises and can be indecisive.

Natives of Libra need others to be able to perform.

Personality Profile for People Born on October 16

His loving and harmonious character is controlled by reason. The native is hearty, innate diplomat, and masters the art of acting with others. The native is versatile, has good taste and an artistic talent. A Libra loves colors, paintings, music and dance, and stands out because of his or her pleasant appearance. If the Sun is badly aspected, the erotic refinement of the Libra native can lead to addiction.

Ambition, moods, flattery, lust and vanity can harm the native of Libra, while the desire for luxury may cost him too much. The Libra's most sensitive parts of the body are their kidneys, bladder, urethra, skin and joints. Their health is prone to disease of these organs, such as kidney failure. The Libra native is an innate gourmet. For this reason, at maturity they may have the tendency to gain weight. October is classified as a fall month, which has seven letters. To be born in October, the tenth month from the numerology perspective it means that your gemstones are the opal and the tourmaline.

Your flowers are the marigolds. Your main qualities are excellence, satisfaction, cuteness, luck, grace, joy, comfort, and love. Skip to main content. Dream Dictionary A-Z Explore.

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October 16 Birthday Astrology

Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning. Discover what really works and discard the rest. Define it. Remember to leave people alone. Do not deny what they need in the name of reason. Success is never easy to you. It is necessary that you keep working hard or may end up doing trivial jobs, and will have to live with unfulfilled desires and ambitions. But God almighty has gifted you with strong will power and high level of mental dexterity. You like to peak less and you are a good follower. You have to guard against your short temper or you may lose your love and friends.

You tend to live alone and you are not very comfortable in materialistic pleasures.

You have to be careful about your married life, and you have to invest time and money to keep interest of your spouse. You find your heart at ease when following altruistic ambitions. When you are working for others you have much better chance to succeed. Being born in October - what this means Summary of your characteristics Strengths: Discriminatory.

Weakenesses: Acid. Tarot wheel of fate Spin to unlock your future. Need a question answered?