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Since Aries is the first zodiac sign, it was assigned to this beginning date of March You may have heard people say they were born on the cusp of Libra or another sign and wondered what they meant. To be born on the cusp means your birthday falls on the first day or the last day of a zodiac sign.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: January 19th - 25th - Sidereal Astrology

Many times a person displays traits of both signs. For example, if a person was born on April 19, it might be difficult to determine if that person is really a Taurus or an Aries. If you were born on a cusp, an astrologer will need to know the latitude and longitude of the place where you were born as well as your exact time of birth.

These pieces of information will allow the astrologer to accurately calculate your sun sign. One thing you may have noticed is that sometimes when you look up your sun sign, you find a discrepancy in the range of dates used for your sign.

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These can differ from one or two days depending on the source you are using. This can create confusion, and some people might decide they aren't a particular zodiac sign after all. The zodiac is comprised of twelve signs , and each is assigned thirty degrees within a degree circle. The sun moves through each sign's constellation.

When you're born, where the sun is during that moment of birth determines which one is your sun sign. A range of dates for each sun sign is determined by the date the sun enters a zodiac sign's constellation and the date it leaves. The reason the range of dates can change is because the calendar cycle changes due to leap years. Many astrologers use the current year's dates while others prefer to stick with the original fixed dates assigned to specific zodiac signs.

The energy of the day is asking you to get in touch with your highest self, and this can't be found by working all the time. You have to mingle with others, get to feel the world around you and observe patterns found in nature, love, and relationships. The sense of love is in your life in some way but perhaps you have missed it. The Moon in Cancer now looks boldly at Saturn and this is an opportunity to look at how your life is being built. Is it happening in the right way?

Are you taking a lopsided approach by only putting all your emphasis on self, money or success? Are you taking time to enjoy what you have including the people in your life?

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The Cancer Moon also harshly communicates with Mars in Aries. Mars in Aries is on fire for love but it can be complicated. How to love yourself vs give your heart to another without losing yourself or get hurt? The Cancer Moon harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of chaos in Aries.

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  • There's a desire to feel like you are in control with your life even if things could go in a bunch of different directions when it comes to love. Today's lesson from above is on how to keep a level head should your emotions get ahead of you. You may find that you're more practical and yet, open minded to what could be.

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    You may not compromise but if you do, you do so with awareness and a sense of knowing what you want out of it, and what you are unwilling to give. Aries, you may be seeking out the truth in your relationships. Wondering who cares, who you should keep close, who to start distancing yourself from.

    It's a process, but as with all things, it's good to look around to see what's happening in your life. You may be aware that everyone comes with their own set of human challenges, but that doesn't mean you have to take them on as your own, right? The Hermit Tarot card is a signal to get into your own head, thoughts, and heart for a little while. What do you want in your life? If it doesn't bring you joy, should it be there? Taurus, interestingly, today there's a paternal energy around your life. Perhaps this comes from the love of a grandparent, or an older adult who cares for you and has been there for you to help you see your value.

    This is a bond that remains with you and you often consider it when you feel insecure about the direction you're taking. You may need a gentle reminder that you, like everyone else has challenges and that yours are unique to your life, but that you're not alone. The Star Tarot card means that right now you're being guided on a spiritual journey and that you can breathe easy knowing that someone out there is watching over you.

    Gemini, be thankful for the little things and the big things.

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    Of course, you're taking stock of the good things in your life. You often do. Right now is a time to count your blessings and think about the people you're thankful to have in your life. You might have missed an opportunity to let certain people know that you value them but that doesn't mean you can't learn and grow from the past.

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    The Hanged Man Tarot card is a signal to remember to stop and smell the roses when you feel uncertain or uncomfortable with circumstances in your life. Cancer, have you begun something that you're not sure you should follow through on.

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    Finishing what you start closes the door to the 'what ifs' that often follow uncertainty. You may want to complete something in a way that provides you a sense of closure. For example, if you accepted a date, you don't have to go on that date, but you can excuse yourself from plans with grace. There's always a way out if you want it but do it with class while trusting that your inner voice will guide you correctly.

    The High Priestess Tarot card means you have people in your life that you can talk with to help you bounce your ideas and thoughts around if you're ready to open up and share. Leo, believe in yourself and have faith in your future. See yourself doing well and living the life that you want in the future with the person you imagine will be by your side.

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    Creating these types of realities will help them to become real in your mind and true in real life. Take small steps to bring balance in your life, too. You can do this without being too hard on yourself for taking longer than you had expected. The Hierophant Tarot card means that you might be tempted to rush things but it's best to let things happen on their own without forcing it.