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You may take some risky decision regarding your business and career. You will have to travel a lot this year. Your mind will also bend towards spiritualism. The second house of horoscope is related to eyes, family, money and etc. This transit would cause troubles relating to matters of finance, eyes, family and money. You may spoil your relations with your rude behavior. Some eye-related problems may arise so be careful about it.

Be careful regarding investments and other financial issues as you may be caught in debt. For Gemini ascendant, Rahu will transit through your sign and Ketu will transit through 7th House. This transition may lead to conflicts in your marital life. You need to remain polite to handle the situations at your workplace and in your family. Handle all the situations with patience. This year you need to take extra care of your health and so visit your physician regularly.

Students have to work hard to get success in competitive examinations. However, this will be a tough time for you but there is some positive news also. You may become able to beat your enemies and competitors. You may also get success in competitive exams. Some unexpected expenses may also occur. You may meet with an accident. So, be careful while driving or travelling. If you are in job then you need to work hard to satisfy your seniors.

Rahu in Cancer, Ketu In Capricorn Transit How Will The Conjurers Impact Your Life?

This transition may get you some unexpected gains. If you have invested in the share market then you may get the gains. However, students will find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. You may get involved in some love affair. You may face the problem of mood swing that may ultimately harm your cordial relations with your family and friends. During this transit, you may get big political gains. If you are interested in politics then this transition may earn you a good portfolio. You will get good growth opportunities in your career. However, your relations with your parents may get disturbed.

You will remain worried due to the deteriorating health of your parents. Some unexpected problems may also arise in your workplace. You may also have to face frequent transfers in your service. You may get the chance to visit any pilgrim.

Take care of your siblings and maintain cordial relations with them. As this transition is taking place in your 8th house and so you will feel a sudden change in your mood. You will start taking interest in Yoga, pilgrimage and spiritualism. However, you will also feel emotionally detached with your family at some moments. This will be a hard time regarding finance issues as a lot of unnecessary expenditures are waiting for you. You should be careful about the health of your spouse. You may get involved in some unwanted conflicts. This transition will bring some unexpected and sudden problems in your life.

For Sagittarius ascendant, Rahu will transit through 7th House and Ketu will transit through 1st House. This is the alarming time for your marital relations. Your spouse may get involve in some extramarital affair. You may also find a tough situation at your workplace also where you have to deal with conflicts of opinions and hurdles. You will show excitement to get the new ventures but be careful and avoid new ventures at this particular period.

Relentless, possibly ruthless, step-wise obtainment of reputation and respect in large, hierarchical organizations.

Good and bad planets for Capricorn ascendant /Makara Lagna

Craves top of the hierarchy leadership prestige and executive privileges. Consumed with desire for iconic recognition at the peak of a stepwise ascendance. Opportunistic Rahu may take risks in pursuit of Shani's conventional goals: one challenges the social systems of class, rank, and privilege in order to achieve recognition via class, rank, and privilege. Desires to regulate the regulators. She succeeded by methods both fair and foul.

Catherine hailed from a Prussian German-speaking aristocratic family and she was educated in continental European culture. Once ensconced in the Russian royal court, she vigorously promoted German cultural identity and values as fascinating privileged behaviors to which Russia's small elite class Rahu-Makara-Draco privilege via hierarchy could mimic for advantage. Yet, the vast majority of Russian-customs people under her rule were land-bound, illiterate feudal serfs. Lama Jyotisha.

Rahu in Cancer, Ketu In Capricorn Transit 2018: How Will The Conjurers Impact Your Life?

Rahu's disruptive and disorderly behavior is most unwelcome in the tightly regulated realms of Makara. Even mental unrest is foreseen and you may start thinking too much about things in general.

Rahu mahadasha In Vedic Astrology

The excessive thinking may cause confusion and impede your decision making process, thus you will have to be careful. Your ability to handle relationships may take a beating and you may face a bumpy path in marriage. Rahu — being the planet of illusions will make you get lost in the world of dreams and endless imagination. Ketu will bless you with fearlessness and you will be quite daring in your approach. In astrology, the placement of Rahu in the 11th House is considered to be an extremely favourable one as Rahu blesses a native with new sources of income.

You will feel that your thoughts are getting clouded and are not moving as freely as before. The effects of this transit will first show up in the area of your work, as there might be either chances of a transfer or problems with colleagues and seniors. There may be a constant feeling of dissatisfaction, regardless of the success and failure that you achieve. The transit of Rahu in the 9th House will present opportunities to explore new cultures, traditions and places.

You are likely to become more confident and adventurous because of the presence of Ketu in the 3rd House. You will have to learn that it is not bad to take help or accept resources from others. Being self-reliant is good, but being adamant will not be good for you. Be extremely careful about your belongings as there are chances of things getting misplaced or stolen.

Misunderstandings and differences with your partner will increase while the transit of Rahu in the 7th House is effective. The health of your spouse may suffer or the problems in general may increase and this will bother you. You may find it difficult to take decisions quickly and you may keep feeling lost.

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You will be feeling more bold and confident now and will be able to take on challenges with renewed energy. During this transit of Ketu in the 9th House, you will be able to master the 'art of letting go'. This will not be a good time for venturing in the stock market arena, as Rahu will keep creating a lot of confusion, thereby inducing you to commit mistakes.

You will be able to earn well during the stay of Ketu in the 11th House. Popular Posts. Rekha Birthday Prediction Horoscope