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Libra, are you ready to come up for air and breathe in a huge breath of calm when it comes to your love life? Of course you are, but you probably don't even believe this is possible anymore. Since you've become used to nothing but a nonstop roller coaster ride when it comes to your love life thanks to Uranus traveling through your partnership sector.

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With the planet of sudden change, liberation, and instability in the area of your chart ruling commitment, keeping your marriage or partnership on steady ground has been quite a challenge. For some of you, a separation or divorce occurred, and for others there was an "on again, off again" quality to your relationship for years where the two of you had constantly changing circumstances to navigate. The urge for freedom also dominated in matters of the heart during this time period, and if you felt stifled in your relationship, it had to change enough to allow you room to do you or else you probably ran for the hills.

Many Libras sport finely balanced features and a cute set of dimples.

Love Horoscope: Libra

Grooming is important to aesthetic Libras, and you expect your partners to maintain good appearances. Since outgoing Libras love to mingle, you could meet your true love at a party, a singles event…anywhere you can dress up or display your social graces. Admit it, you can be a softie at times, so watch out for dominating people who try to steamroll you with their demands.

Libra is big on equality and fairness, and you need an open-minded mate who wants to share and share alike. You like to debate for fun only—your peace-loving sign hates conflict.

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Libras hate to be rushed and may take years to commit, driving their eager-to-settle-down mates crazy. The choice that you make during this year will be the best for you.

LIBRA Singles October Tarot Reading

Resolve issues in the most practical way. In relationships, you need to communicate every little detail with your partner to make things work out. Libras are known for their gentleness, show this quality in your relationship and will work wonders for you and your partner.

You can keep anyone happy as per your Libra relationship horoscope Just make the right amount of efforts and our partner will fall head over heels for you every day. The Period from July to August should be taken care of. A lot of difficulties might arise for you in your Libra love life in Wait for the right time to come, says your Libra love astrology Better things are coming your way, according to Libra love horoscope Libras can fix past relationships and mend broken marriages in this year This year is going to make things bloom for you.

But beware of the days that might be very colorful for you and your partner.